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The purpose of life, is to live.

Announcing Theatre Noir

Get out your calendars kiddies, we have a date for Detroit’s big Burning Man style party and it’s going to be at Theatre Bizarre.

We are looking at July 22nd as the date to host the Shadow Chamber Fundraiser.

The theme? How do you take something designed for Halloween, add Burners and move it into July? How does this sound? . . . A Film Noir set in an abandoned broken down carnival, that isn’t so abandoned.

Film Noir is style, danger, tension, and sex. The stark lighting, black and white the tension of opposites fits beautifully with the concept of the Shadow Chamber project. And Theatre Bizarre is the ultimate broken down carnival.

Costumes are encouraged! So if Carney is your thing - perfect, if you like a fine cut suit and a fedora worn with a tilt -excellent, and if you’re a woman who likes to wear garters and stockings with a seam up the back of the leg . . . well, that could be worth all the effort for the party right there. . .

Think carnival, think hardboiled pulp fiction, think 1950’s, think high class, think red light, think Dashiell Hammett, think David Lynch, think Scooby Do (I can’t believe it! It was old man Smithers all along!) . . . and a range from seedy to classy; from tongue in cheek to elegant and sleek.

Theatre Bizarre has drawn crowds of 1,800 people in a night. We are going to cap attendance at 500 to keep the vibe right. There will be a pre-publicity window to purchase lower price tickets for friends of the Shadow Chamber project. More details in a few weeks.

Want to help out? Know of acts and bands that fit the theme? Contact me.

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