The purpose of life, is to live. (extrastout) wrote in quixotic_burn,
The purpose of life, is to live.

This weekends after Burning Man Shindig

Our Burning Man Decomp Party was wonderful.

With no advertising it was nearly as large as Quixotica was this summer, about 150 people compared to 180.

With 5 dj’s, the fire spinning, Chaos’ Burlesque Shows, our burning of the prototype Shadow Box, cyfar’s Flame thrower, Videogasm, Camp Happy Hour, Our Shadow Box tent and display, Gavin’s light show, movies and projections in the dojo, the chill room and the Black Plague Bus (w/ Jacuzzi) this was a huge change from last years party which was Fire Spinning, huge bar care of Ubercarny, and 50 cool people sitting around a campfire.

Of course what really makes these events is the people. My regret is between working on the Shadow Box and my nasty blood sugar crash I didn’t get a chance to really hang out with people until about 2 am. My apologies to faya99, lmfdevilwoman and nicinevin who left before I was really free to hang out.

It was great to meet evillittleblue newly from Toledo by way of Cali (who’s shoulder I hope is doing much better)!

Rox and I were lucky enough to have travelingstar come out from Chi-town to crash with us. Her energy is always and inspiration and her fire spinning and hooping last night was some of the best I’ve seen. If you happen to be in Vegas this Halloween she’s co-producing an insane party this Halloween. It’s almost enough to tempt me away from my studies . . . if we can’t make it out, at least there’s the Chicago decomp Nov 12.

chassy was in from NCY. We also had a good number of people out Toledo. The word is we have a really solid community out here in Detroit, and from everything I can tell it just keeps getting bigger and stronger.

People were coming up to me all night with the projects they want to take out to Burning Man this year. We are very close to having our Non-profit, SPARC, up and running. SPARC is a way of solidifying what we are doing out here, building grant money and resources form both Burning Man and local projects, throwing events and parties, co-op artist space, performance space, event and party venues and so on.

I really excited to be part of all of this, the energy in Detroit and throughout the whole Chicago to Toronto corridor keeps getting better and better.

I’ll see if I can’t scare up some pictures of this weekends festivities in the next couple of days.
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