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The purpose of life, is to live.

The first wave of pictures

This has taken awhile because none of these pictures are mine, I’ve complied them from camp mates and friends. I’ve added the name of the photographer after each picture, though many of the titles are mine for the sake of organization.

More are still coming, and I’ll get my own pictures up early next week. Hopefully camp photos becuase a dozen key people don't show up in these at all.

Image hosted by

The Trip Out

Image hosted by
Dirty Hippes – Zha Zha

Image hosted by
The Caravan Crew -- Trigger

The Mills During the Day

Image hosted by

The next three are by travelingstar's friend at
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
People placing their monsters inside the mill.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Doc Hockett and Mill -- Trigger

Image hosted by
Cyfar Climbing – Trigger

Image hosted by

The Mills at Night

Image hosted by
Red Mill at Night -- Doc Hockett

Image hosted by
Spinning at Night – Doc Hockett

The Burn

Image hosted by
Monster Demon Battle – Doc Hockett

Image hosted by
Tilting the Windmills – Doc Hockett

Those long streams of flame are our lances as we are charging.

Image hosted by
Ignition – Micque

You can see the Chris has hit the first mill, I just caused the explosion at the second mill, and Tim is about to take out the third.

Image hosted by
Three Mills Burning – Doc Hockett

Image hosted by
Glow – Doc Hockett

Image hosted by
Flames – Micque

That's me in the El-wire flames, you can't see it, but there is a big smile on my face.
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Thanks so much, and your photos were great!