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The Detoit Temple of the American Dream

The Detroit Temple of the American Dream

I posted yesterday about the Temple of the American Dream project. For those of you who are not on the main MI_BM list here is a little bit about it.

A large part of the Michigan Burning Man Community is taking part in creating a Temple to the American Dream in Detroit. This project is in collaborating with David Best, The Black Rock Arts Foundation, Detroit Blight Busters as well as other Burners from around the country. The Detroit Dream Project hopes to complete the temple in May 2007. We land, storage, a planning board, nation wide support, David Best designing the Temple and brining out his crew to help us build it. Here is what we need:

* Steel! If you have leads on sources for donated steel, let us know! All grades are welcome, and if there is a large enough amount we could travel to get it. Donations will be tax deductible.

* Volunteers! If you would like to become in any aspect of this project, from grant writing and welding to baking cup cakes to feed workers and local school children, we would love your involvement. Kurt (kurt(at) can get you on the Detroit Dream Project planning website.

* Donations! Right now we are trying to reach $5,000 in pledges over the next several weeks. We plan to take this amount to show corporations and grant agencies that we have early support behind us. If you would like to pledge a donation of any amount you can contact me or Becca (becca(at) Your donation will be tax deductible.

If you are interested in more info on this project, read the letter from the Michigan Regional Rep below.

Thank you,


I'm working on writing up grant blurbs today as part of the search
for funding to build our crazy little temple with David Best here in
Detroit. I just watched this video about Blight Busters featuring
John George and Chazz (their resident artist and future burner) for
the third or so time. I heard a few phrases that made me realize
that Michigan Burners, this project and Blight Busters are a pretty
darn good fit. I'm really happy we're building both a temple on
their property and potentially a great long term collaboration.

Some of the stuff I heard from the video that sounded like burners
to me --
We're about stabalizing and revitalizing.
We want to heal this community and bring people together.
You've got to be crazy to believe you can do this, especially here.
When you decide you're going to do it you find a way to do it. The
resources come in.

So... for those of you who are curious about why we're partnering
with Motor City Blight Busters on the temple project I'd encourage
you to take 3 minutes to watch the first part of this video, and if
you've got the time, watch the full 9 minutes: com/watch? v=2Fn5x7US3IQ

Then, when you're inspired, please feel free to jump on board the
temple project!

We want every one who wants to be a part of this to join in! Kurt
(kurt(at)braindance or Monkey (becca(at)spitbubbl
can get you on the Detroit Dream Project planning website.

A number of us will also be reporting out to this list with key info
and specific chances to get involved as they come up.

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