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The purpose of life, is to live.

The Quixotic Project is on hold this year, but . . .

The Quixotic Project is on Hold this Year, but . . .

Originally, the Quixotic Project was going to:

* Put a call out for projects to help write grants for and back with fundraisers. The best contender so far was Evol and Makk's Emerald City idea (I'm still cringing at having to postpone it!)

* Change our structure to become more inclusive and democratic.

* Throw a fundraiser like Theatre Noir called "IT CAME FROM PLANET B!!!" A retro 50's space themed party at Theatre Bizarre. This has the backing for both Ken and John (the creator of TB). This idea will be back!

However, for several reasons, we have decided to put all this on hold.

The main reason is so that it gives everyone a chance to focus 100% on the Temple of the American Dream without distractions, and then recover afterwards!

The Temple is an amazing concept, and is a rare opportunity to work side by side with David Best, his crew, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the Flaming Lotus Girls, Blight Busters and all the other Burners that are likely to come in to help from across the Midwest, and the rest of the country. If you haven't been to a meeting yet, come out just once and you will be hooked!

Still, if you have an small Art Instillation idea for Burning Man 2007 and would like help writing the grant, get in touch. If it is something Quixoticy we can put it out on the list, help you write the grant, and get you so backing out on the playa. Modest ideas only please! The Quixotic Project will be back in force next year.

Remember, the grant deadline for Burning Man Art Instillations is February 15th!
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